10 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi, also known as the Chinese gooseberry, is a delicious small fruit that is packed with nothing but goodness for your overall health. While it is native to China, its name actually came from the New Zealanders who farmed these superfruits in huge numbers. Without further ado, here are 10 amazing health benefits of this wonderful fruit.

1. Promote good digestion

Kiwi provides plenty of benefits for digestive health. The main reason for this is that kiwis contain lots of fibre, which is essential when it comes to promoting good digestion as a matter of course. The high vitamin C content of the kiwi fruit also leads to improved immune health, giving you a lower likelihood of getting digestive ailments if you consume it. However, kiwi also has an even more specific benefits for a person’s digestive health. The actinidain enzyme in kiwi fruit dissolves protein very effectively. Since most meals are heavy on the protein, this enzyme can make all the difference in terms of a your ability to break down a meal and absorb the most the nutritional benefits out of it.

2. Ability to control hypertension

As frustrating as it is, even you and I will get hypertension from time to time and the truth is that it really comes down to the food that we eat. The general cure to hypertension is to consume a lot of fruit, of course. However, some fruit tends to be more helpful than others. Some fruits are higher in antioxidants than others, which is key to preventing hypertension. Eating kiwi fruit provides you with a large amount of Lutein, which is a form of potent antioxidant, and will help with hypertension and also lower your blood pressure.

3. Lower the risk of heart disease

Eating more fruits and vegetables in general can help lower the risk of heart disease. This is particularly true when it comes to kiwi. The anti-clotting effects associated with the kiwi fruit is extremely helpful with warding off heart disease and related health ailments. Besides, consuming fruits such as kiwi on a daily basis during meals is not only a healthier choice, but also makes for a better overall diet.

4. Extremely high in antioxidants

The health benefits of kiwi is very well-documented, as are the health benefits of antioxidants in general. The high antioxidant content of kiwi guards you against DNA damage just from its consumption. As such, it will make you visibly age slower and also lowers your chances of developing age-related physical health conditions.

5. Good for your skin health

You can get a lot of your daily vitamin E intake from kiwis. Vitamin E strongly promotes skin health, especially when it comes to its anti-aging properties. Therefore, eating more kiwi can give you a nicer skin complexion that is smoother and less prone to damage that looks young and beautiful.

6. Useful for blood sugar control

The glycemic index for kiwi fruit is very low, which means that it is not going to be heavily raise anyone’s blood sugar. You will find it much easier to even out their blood sugar by consuming more kiwi and other similar types of fruits. Even individuals who have diabetes will be able to eat kiwi fruit on a regular basis, unlike some other fruits.

7. Preserves your vision

There is a strong correlation between eating more fruits like kiwi and having a lower risk of macular degeneration and similar eye problems. There are lots of reasons to why this might be the case in general. For kiwi fruit, the benefits are likely the result of the presence of zeaxanthin, lutein and related chemicals. At any rate, you may be able to cut the risk of developing macular degeneration by a third just by consuming more kiwi.

8. Defend yourself against various diseases and infections

Consuming more vitamin C in general can help you stay healthier. The antioxidants in kiwi fruit might be able to help even more in this regard. The immune system boost is going to help you improve your overall health while increasing your body’s ability to ward off specific infections. This health improvement will put you in a better overall mood and give you the energy to focus on work.

9. Lowered risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure in general is highly developmental in nature. For the people who consume a lot of sodium, high blood pressure can become a problem later in life as the effects of excess sodium does not show immediately. However, those who do consume large amounts of sodium will be able to lower their risk of high blood pressure through the consumption of kiwi. Anyone with a family history of high blood pressure should be even more strongly advised to consume more kiwi fruit.

10. Plenty of useful detoxing effects

Eating more fruits and vegetables will make your body more effective at removing toxins, this is especially so with kiwi. Consuming more kiwi fruit is very effective at helping you expel the toxins that they are taken in on a daily basis and many of the after-effects of these contaminants. The relatively low pesticide content of non-organic kiwi fruit will also mean that you will have an even easier time using kiwi fruit in order to clear out all of their bodily toxins due to its relatively lower price.

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