5 Reasons the Jambu is an Under-Appreciated Fruit

Rose apple, or better known locally as Jambu, is an exceptionally unique fruit that grows in the East Indies and the Pacific Islands. It has a unique shape that from a distance, resembles a rose flower, hence the name. While this fruit is not commonly found in the west, it is highly prized here in most parts of Asia but under-appreciated by Singaporeans. Here are 5 research-backed benefits of the Rose Apple which will help you understand why it is such a fantastic fruit for regular consumption.

Rose Apples Enhance Digestion

If you have an upset stomach or a weak digestive system, you should definitely give this fruit a try. We all know that most of our local delights are thick, heavy and contains lots of calories. This is especially so in recent times with the rise in popularity of processed foods. But fear not, the Rose Apple can help aid your digestion.

Rose Apples contain plenty of fibre which aids in breaking down food during the digestion process. In other words, Rose Apples bulk up food within your intestines and ensures it moves smoothly out of your body as waste material, preventing constipation. Therefore, this fruit is a great cleanser for your digestive system and colon.

Rose Apples Reduce Toxicity Levels

It’s common knowledge that processed foods are unhealthy for the human body. Of course, consuming fast food and chemically enhanced ingredients is unlikely to kill a person. However, consuming these processed foods in the long term tends to come with adverse effects.

Luckily, Rose Apples are rich in essential nutrients that contributes to eliminating these problems. Especially those related to toxicity. According to research, this amazing fruit has been directly linked to reducing toxicity levels in the kidney and liver!

Rose Apples Improve Skin Complexion

If you wish to have a younger and more healthier appearance, consuming more Rose Apples will help by improving your immune system which is crucial to maintaining skin complexion.  So if you wish to have vibrant and healthy looking skin, consume more Rose Apples!

Besides boosting your immune system, this fruit also has antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects which shields your skin from infections and diseases.

Rose Apples Can Control Diabetes

First, let me explain that a person should not replace their prescribed diabetes medication by consuming Rose Apples. However, Rose Apples can be added to a part of their diet to keep diabetes under control.

The reason Rose Apples are so effective in controlling this disease has to do with the presence of jambosine. It is an alkaloid that has the ability to block and regulate starch conversion. Without getting too technical, this regulation balances the sugar levels of a diabetic person.

Rose Apples can Reduce Heart and Cardiovascular Issues

Once again, Rose Apples are not a miracle fruit that can cure all forms of disease. Especially those (such as cancer) that do not yet have a cure. However, the fruit does possess properties that naturally lower cholesterol levels, eliminates impurities and radicals, and contribute to the function of a person’s cardiovascular system, allowing it to work at its fullest potential.

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