7 Shocking Facts That Proves The Jackfruit Is Amazing

Jackfruits are one of the most massive tree-borne fruit on earth, growing up to three feet in length and weighing as much as 25 kilograms! In total, there are over 100 different types of jackfruits available around the globe. Jackfruits grow directly on the trunk (or the thicker branches) of the tree, instead of the outer stems like most other fruits. Despite this, a single jackfruit tree is capable of producing up to 250 fruits in a single year, isn’t that interesting? Here are seven more facts about the jackfruit that you might not have known about:

1. The jackfruit tree has its roots in South Asia, and people continue to grow them for their excellent health benefits and as an ingredient in South Asian cooking. It is a tropical plant and grows well in areas where the temperature is warm, and the climate is humid all year round, just like Singapore. Although Singapore would be perfect for farming jackfruit, our small land area makes it unfeasible. However, nearby countries such as Malaysia and India grows the jackfruit in large volumes!

2. The texture of the flesh can be used to differentiate the “tastiness” of the jackfruit. The fruits that are harder to the touch tend to be more significant in size and have a less intense flavour. On the other hand, the fruits with softer flesh tend to be smaller and are much sweeter and more comfortable to chew.

3. Jackfruits are an excellent cooking ingredient. Traditional food often calls for unripened jackfruits as an ingredient in curries and stews. It can also be boiled, roasted and even fried and eaten as a snack. Whether served on its own or as a part of a dish, the fruit has an undeniably unique taste that sets it apart from other tropical fruits such as papaya, mangos and melons.

4. The wood of the jackfruit tree extremely sought after due to its resistance to fungus and termites. These properties make the timber the perfect material to build houses, furniture, musical instruments and oars. By far the most impressive use of the jackfruit wood is to construct an entire palace on the island of Bali!

5. All parts of the jackfruit tree have practical uses. Humans can consume the fruit and livestock consume the leaves of the tree as food. Carpenters use the trunk and branches of the tree to craft furniture and support structures. For many generations, people have been using the roots as a type of traditional medicine. The endless number of uses for the entire tree (with no parts excluded) has earned it the name “wonder tree” in some parts of the world.

6. Jackfruit seeds can be eaten by itself. Each jackfruit contains up to 500 edible seeds that you can eat directly from the core of the fruit on its own, although most people choose to roast or boil them beforehand. The most common methods of cooking are in a pan over a flame or in a pot of boiling salt water. Besides these, you can mill the jackfruit seeds into flour for baking too.

7. Traditionally, people have been using the roots of the jackfruit tree to create medicines to cure common ailments. Some common illnesses which they are said to cure are fever, asthma and diarrhoea. In mosquito and bug infested areas, people also use the roots to treat insect bites. The leaves of the jackfruit tree are found to contain latex too, which soothes mouth ulcers when in contact.

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