8 Amazing Reasons That Make Tangerines Superfoods

The Tangerine (also known as the Mandarin Orange) is a type of citrus that is often confused with oranges due to their many similarities. Ranging from the size, the shape and even the texture of the flesh and skin, tangerines and oranges really do share many characteristics. Discounting the similarities in physical characteristics, there is a very real difference in health benefits provided by each fruit. Tangerines are much sweeter, more nutritious and smaller in size when compared to their larger counterparts, Oranges. The Tangerine is packed with nutrients that are essential to the overall well-being of the body.  Its flesh can be consumed as juice or by itself as well! A perfect tasty yet healthy drink for the hot Singaporean weather. Research done by our team at Fruitwerkz shows that these small citrus fruits are excellent for those trying to lose weight due to its minimal concentration of calories despite its generous health benefits.

Benefits of tangerine fruits:

  1. Helps keep skin beautiful and healthy

The Tangerine contains Antioxidants and Vitamin C which provides fantastic benefits for the body and even for the skin! The Antioxidants in the fruit excel at killing pro-acne bacteria that would have become pesky pimples, keeping your complexion sparkly clean and smooth to the touch. While the Vitamin C supports skin regeneration, helping you achieve that forever youthful look everyone is gunning for. To get these benefits for yourself, squeeze some juice from fresh tangerines and mix it with some delicious low-fat yoghurt and honey. This mixture should be applied and left on your face for approximately 15 minutes to dry up, and then rinsed off with warm water. And viola, you’re on your way to getting clean, blemish-free skin.

  1. Keep gums in the pink of health.

Vitamin C is essential for your gums since it helps in preventing the development of healthy problems like gingivitis which is a gum disease that causes sensitive gums and bleeding. On top of this, tangerines will be able to supply your body with just the right amount of Vitamin C daily without overdosing; which could lead to its own host of problems. Example being too many fruits are not healthy for your gums due to the high acid content of the fruits damaging your teeth and gums, so take in moderation.

  1. Improves and maintains vision.

Loss of vision is a problem that affects older adults. This is likely due to formation of cataracts which affects the lens of the eyes by developing a cloudy pigment that covers the eyes. With the right supply of vitamins, A and C, one can prevent this problem by stopping the development of cataracts. Thankfully for you Tangerines are packed with just the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your eyesight perfect for years to come.

  1. Strengthens the bones.

Vitamin C and potassium are essential for improving and strengthening the bones. Research shows that athletes and professional sportsmen are advised to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C and potassium since they help in strengthening the bones and lowering the chances of injuries when practicing or competing. Therefore, if you participate actively in any sport, start integrating tangerines into your diet and you’ll be able to play in safety.

  1. Improves the hair texture.

Are you tired of having bad hair days; all the time? Well, the remedy for grimy, oily hair is the consumption of tangerine fruits. The fruits work by improving the state of the scalp where the Vitamin A found in the tangerines help balance the sebum on the scalp while moisturizes it at the same time. This also helps to prevent hair loss in general due to the increased health of your hairs. Giving you that shine and glow of young looking hair throughout the day.

  1. Slows down the aging process.

Who else wants to look like they’re in their early 20’s forever? I know I do. Although an elixir of youth hasn’t been invented yet, tangerines can be used as a viable supplement! As mentioned earlier, the tangerine has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that help prevent age from getting to you. The tangerine’s contents help eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging! These contents also aid by improving the skin’s elasticity, hence helping it achieve a radiant, youthful glow. So, if you’re ever thinking of keeping yourself looking good, tangerines are your best friends.

  1. Boosts your body’s immunity

Antioxidants and vitamin C foods help in improving the immunity of the body, helping you stay healthy and fall sick less often and if you do; much less seriously. The fruit works excellently with other foods like mint and ginger where you can mix them together and make tea, being just one of the many uses of tangerines. Ginger and mint being suggested as part of the brew since they are widely used for treating common colds, and flu due to their high concentration of antiviral vitamins and minerals. Combining the three of them together will give you a super brew that’ll shower you with so many health benefits that you’ll lose count!

  1. Helps with weight loss.

Tangerine can help you in losing weight as they are excellent in suppressing your hunger pangs. As we all know, less consumption of food leads to low consumption of calories in general. The Tangerine accomplishes this because of its high fibre content, which take an extremely long time to digest and beak down. Which causes you to feel less hungry during mealtimes and result in you eating less and therefore losing weight! And soon you’ll be able to hit your loss goal before you even know it.

Additionally, tangerines have a low concentration of calories which means you don’t have to worry about adding more calories when you consume them! Easily making them one of the best fruits to take for weight loss programmes and diets!