Does an Apple a day really keep the doctor away?

The short answer to that is yes. The long answer is still yes, but with a little more things to understand; not just that “Apples are good. Period.”. Allow me to explain what I mean. Apples are and always have been poster-boy of the fruit family; the go – to choose when unsure what juice flavour to pick. I see you now wondering whether the apple is secretly the king of the fruits; but that role is already taken by the almighty Durian. Then I hear you asking, what makes the apple so darn special? From all the common sayings revolving apples to the fact that they find themselves in almost any meal, to even why they taste so damn good.

Let me show you why an apple a day does in fact keep your doctors away.

First up, the boring science part. Ugh. Countless research articles around the world published by numerous scientists and nutritionists show that the apple, unlike other fruits has a sky-high number of anti-oxidants present in these little globes. Anti-oxidants are so important in maintaining your body’s functionality in tip-top condition because it helps to protect your precious body. Without getting too into the science and biology of it all, Apples contain a large amount of anti-oxidants that help prevent harmful substances within the body from interacting with the body and causing damage. It is also important to note that your body does also produce antioxidants and harmful free radicals on its own, but the harmful substances usually outnumber the natural anti-oxidants by a long-shot. This is one of the key reasons why so many people say that the apple is a wonderful fruit, because it basically lengthens the functionality of your only body. So yes, an apple a day does really keep the doctor away.

Next on the list is the fun stuff; vitamins. On top of being crammed with anti-oxidants to prevent your body from wearing itself out to quickly, apples are also packed with various vitamins that help complement your bodily functions. Vitamins C is also a natural anti-oxidant, but it can also provide immunity to sicknesses and ailments by improving your body’s resistances. Vitamin B on the other hand, aids in the generation of neat little enzymes, which if you remember from your science classes, helps the body convert food and other resources you consume into substances the body can use. Or also known as boosting metabolism, which causes you to feel livelier and awake; as your food that you’ve taken is now being processed within your body much, much, much faster than before. So, say good bye to lethargy once and for all, and all you need to do to enjoy that is just an apple a day.

Lastly is the arguably the best part about apples – their taste. God these little balls of joy have the most satisfying crunch among all the other fruits when you sink your teeth into a cold one on a hot day. It’s just like drinking a Coke, but healthy and non-diabetic! However, all jokes aside, the apple is the world’s favourite fruit. Period. Why is that? It’s hard to notice from the get go, but these wonder fruits have this unique sour feel when you take your first bite and that is what makes apples so notable. Just a small side track, one way to ensure you get your daily dose of an apple a day is to have a singapore fruit delivery service. This allows you to ensure that you will can consume apples even with a busy schedule. Buying fruits can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 now!

Certain studies relate it to the experience of drinking alcohol for the first time, and concluded that the post consumption feel-good is also like that of eating an apple. Wow. Just wow. Apples always seemed cool but not nowhere near this level. To answer the age-old question; does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Yes. It sure does.